Al Farah Social Reboot

Al Farah Social Reboot

Al Farah Restaurant, a leading restaurant in Abu Dhabi, recently underwent a full social and digital brand make-over that took them from an old-fashioned brand style to a new and modern brand that is appealing and attractive. The project involved a complete redesign of their menu, launching ten successful campaigns, promoting their new products, and covering their Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices and their staff.

The main objective of this project was to increase brand awareness and attract a younger and wider audience by creating a new and modern image for Al Farah Restaurant. The new branding elements were introduced to their social media accounts, website, and offline marketing materials, creating a cohesive and consistent brand image across all platforms.

One of the major highlights of the project was the Ramadan campaign that aimed to increase sales of their popular Kibbe dish during the holy month. With a combination of social media and in-restaurant promotions, the campaign was highly successful, doubling their usual Kibbe sales during the month of Ramadan.

Throughout the project, the team focused on measuring the results of each campaign and activity, using measurable metrics such as engagement, reach, and sales. This allowed the team to constantly refine and optimize their strategies to achieve maximum results.

Overall, the social media project with Al Farah Restaurant was highly successful, achieving the main objectives of increasing brand awareness, attracting a wider audience, and increasing sales during the critical period of Ramadan. The project helped position Al Farah Restaurant as a modern and attractive dining destination in Abu Dhabi, and the results speak for themselves with increased engagement, interest, and sales.